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Title: Loving Robots

Speaker: Hooman Samani

Department of Electrical Engineering National Taipei University

Time: 10/23, 1:30pm

Place: 共教106



演講題目: Approximate Asymmetric Search for Binary Embedding Codes

演講者: 邱志義 國立嘉義大學資訊工程系

演講時間:5/8, 1:30pm

演講地點:共教 106


In this talk, we propose a method of approximate asymmetric nearest neighbor search for binary embedding codes. Asymmetric distances take advantage of less information loss at the query side. However, calculating asymmetric distances with the linear scan approach is prohibitive in a large-scale dataset. We present a novel algorithm called multi-index voting, which integrates the multi-index hashing technique with a voting mechanism, to select appropriate candidates and calculate their asymmetric distances. We show that the candidate selection scheme can be formulated as the tail of the binomial distribution function. Substantial experimental evaluations are given to demonstrate that, guided by the voting mechanism, the proposed method can yield an approximate accuracy to the linear scan approach while accelerating the run time with a significant speedup. For example, one result shows that in a dataset of one billion 256-bit binary codes, examining only 0.5% of the dataset can reach 95~99% close accuracy to the linear scan approach but can accelerate over 73~128 times.


MVA 2015

The Fourteenth IAPR International Conference on Machine Vision Applications will be held at the MIRAIKAN: National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Tokyo, Japan from May 18 through 22, 2015.



ASCC 2015

ASCC 2015 (10th Asian Control Conference 2015) in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.

Conference Theme: “Emerging Control Technique for a Sustainable World”

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