Robot Vision Lab


Meeting Records

Title Name Date
EU Long-term Dataset with Multiple Sensors for Autonomous Driving承學2021/5/13
PaintPath: Defining Path Directionality in Maps for Autonomous Ground Vehicles豐安2021/5/13
Confidence Guided Stereo 3D Object Detection with Split Depth Estimation浚格2021/5/20
Pac-Man is Overkill文嘉2021/5/20
Object-Aware Centroid Voting for Monocular 3D Object Detection博宇2021/5/27
Non-overlapping RGB-D Camera Network Calibration with Monocular Visual Odometry凱鈞2021/5/27
Residual Pose: A Decoupled Approach for Depth-based 3D Human Pose Estimation俊翰2021/6/03
Monocular Depth Prediction through Continuous 3D Loss依融2021/6/03
Deep Keypoint-Based Camera Pose Estimation with Geometric Constraints洺齊2021/6/10
Dec-PPCPP: A Decentralized Predator–Prey-based Approach to Adaptive Coverage Path Planning Amid Moving Obstacles蕙芳2021/6/10
Pit30M: A Benchmark for Global Localization in the Age of Self-Driving Cars沐雲2021/6/17
Global Localization Over 2D Floor Plans with Free-Space Density Based on Depth Information鈺琴2021/6/17
Towards Deep Learning Assisted Autonomous UAVs for Manipulation Tasks in GPS-Denied Environments佳融2021/6/24
End-to-End 3D Point Cloud Learning for Registration Task Using Virtual Correspondences宏澤2021/6/24
Applying Surface Normal Information in Drivable Area and Road Anomaly Detection for Ground Mobile Robots俊毅2021/7/01
UAV-AdNet: Unsupervised Anomaly Detection using Deep Neural Networks for Aerial Surveillance溢豪2021/7/01
Semantic Trajectory Planning for Long-Distant Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Navigation in Urban Environments豐安2021/7/08
Learning Accurate and Human-Like Driving using Semantic Maps and Attention文嘉2021/7/08
Accurate Mapping and Planning for Autonomous Racing彩玉2021/7/15
Dynamic Attention-based Visual Odometry凱鈞2021/7/15
Semantic Segmentation of Underwater Imagery: Dataset and Benchmark依融2021/7/22
The Newer College Dataset: Handheld LiDAR, Inertial and Vision with Ground Truth蕙芳2021/7/22
SaD-SLAM: A Visual SLAM Based on Semantic and Depth Information鈺琴2021/7/29
Vision Global Localization with Semantic Segmentation and Interest Feature Points宏澤2021/7/29
CMetric: A Driving Behavior Measure using Centrality Functions俊毅2021/8/05
Crop Height and Plot Estimation for Phenotyping from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles using 3D LiDAR溢豪2021/8/05
Toward Hierarchical Self-Supervised Monocular Absolute Depth Estimation for Autonomous Driving Applications豐安2021/8/12
Who Make Drivers Stop? Towards Driver-centric Risk Assessment: Risk Object Identification via Causal Inference文嘉2021/8/12
Optimization-Based Hierarchical Motion Planning for Autonomous Racing彩玉2021/8/19
Robust Monocular Edge Visual Odometry through Coarse-to-Fine Data Association凱鈞2021/8/19
EAO-SLAM: Monocular Semi-Dense Object SLAM Based on Ensemble Data Association依融2021/8/26
Perception-aware Path Planning for UAVs using Semantic Segmentation蕙芳2021/8/26
DXSLAM: A Robust and Efficient Visual SLAM System with Deep Features鈺琴2021/9/02
TartanAir: A Dataset to Push the Limits of Visual SLAM宏澤2021/9/02