Robot Vision Lab


Meeting Records

Title Name Date
The RGB-D Triathlon: Towards Agile Visual Toolboxes for Robots俊翰2021/1/28
Learning 2D to 3D Lifting for Object Detection in 3D for Autonomous Vehicles俊毅2021/1/28
A Benchmark for Visual-Inertial Odometry Systems Employing Onboard Illumination洺齊2021/2/04
Multi-Sensor 6-DoF Localization For Aerial Robots In Complex GNSS-Denied Environments溢豪2021/2/04
Camera Exposure Control for Robust Robot Vision with Noise-Aware Image Quality Assessment沐雲2021/2/11
Simultaneous drone localisation and wind turbine model fitting during autonomous surface inspection豐安2021/2/11
Coverage Path Planning using Path Primitive Sampling and Primitive Coverage Graph for Visual Inspection佳融2021/2/18
A RUGD Dataset for Autonomous Navigation and Visual Perception in Unstructured Outdoor Environments文嘉2021/2/18