Robot Vision Lab


Meeting Records

Title Name Date
Accurate detection and 3D localization of humans using a novel YOLO-based RGB-D fusion approach and synthetic training data依融2022/1/20
YCB-M: A Multi-Camera RGB-D Dataset for Object Recognition and 6DoF Pose Estimation禮嘉2022/1/20
Hierarchical Coverage Path Planning in Complex 3D Environments蕙芳2022/1/27
Accurate position tracking with a single UWB anchor凱倫2022/1/27
Keypoint Description by Descriptor Fusion Using Autoencoders鈺琴2022/2/03
Ultra-High-Accuracy Visual Marker for Indoor Precise Positioning育鉉2022/2/03
Proximity Estimation Using Vision Features Computed On Sensor宏澤2022/2/10
OpenVINS: A Research Platform for Visual-Inertial Estimation馨瑩2022/2/10
Real-Time Semantic Stereo Matching采玉2022/2/18
AU-AIR: A Multi-modal Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Dataset for Low Altitude Traffic Surveillanc一釗2022/2/18