Robot Vision Lab


Meeting Records

Title Name Date
Context and Intention Aware Planning for Urban Driving沐雲2020/10/22
Large-scale 6D Object Pose Estimation Dataset for Industrial Bin-Picking佳融2020/10/22
Dense 3D Reconstruction for Visual Tunnel Inspection using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle承學2020/10/29
Crowd-sourced Semantic Edge Mapping for Autonomous Vehicles浚格2020/10/29
EARLY FUSION for Goal Directed Robotic Vision博宇2020/11/05
Toward an Efficient Hybrid Interaction Paradigm for Object Manipulation in Optical See-Through Mixed Reality俊翰2020/11/05
GPU Accelerated Robust Scene Reconstruction洺齊2020/11/12
Did You Miss the Sign? A False Negative Alarm System for Traffic Sign Detectors沐雲2020/11/12
Detecting layered structures of partially occluded objects for bin picking佳融2020/11/19
FIESTA: Fast Incremental Euclidean Distance Fields for Online Motion Planning of Aerial Robots承學2020/11/19
Lane Marking Learning based on Crowdsourced Data浚格2020/11/26
IVOA: Introspective Vision for Obstacle Avoidance博宇2020/11/26
An Autonomous Quadrotor System for Robust High-Speed Flight Through Cluttered Environments Without GPS俊翰2020/12/03
Real-Time 6D Object Pose Estimation on CPU洺齊2020/12/03
Deep Imitation Learning for Autonomous Driving in Generic Urban Scenarios with Enhanced Safety沐雲2020/12/10
Informed Region Selection for Efficient UAV-based Object Detectors: Altitude-aware Vehicle Detection with CyCAR Dataset凱鈞2020/12/10
PPR-Net:Point-wise Pose Regression Network for Instance Segmentation and 6D Pose Estimation in Bin-picking Scenarios佳融2020/12/17
Active Infrared Coded Target Design and Pose Estimation for Multiple Objects依融2020/12/17
Learning Local Feature Descriptor with Motion Attribute For Vision-based Localization承學2020/12/24
Deep Multi-Task Learning for Anomalous Driving Detection Using CAN Bus Scalar Sensor Data蕙芳2020/12/24
A Deep Learning Approach for Robust Corridor Following浚格2020/12/31
Real-time Model-based Image Color Correction for Underwater Robots鈺琴2020/12/31
A Multi-task Convolutional Neural Network for Autonomous Robotic Grasping in Object Stacking Scenes博宇2021/1/07
A Convolutional Neural Network Feature Detection Approach to Autonomous Quadrotor Indoor Navigation宏澤2021/1/07
The RGB-D Triathlon: Towards Agile Visual Toolboxes for Robots俊翰2021/1/14
Learning 2D to 3D Lifting for Object Detection in 3D for Autonomous Vehicles俊毅2021/1/14
A Benchmark for Visual-Inertial Odometry Systems Employing Onboard Illumination洺齊2021/1/21
Multi-Sensor 6-DoF Localization For Aerial Robots In Complex GNSS-Denied Environments溢豪2021/1/21
Camera Exposure Control for Robust Robot Vision with Noise-Aware Image Quality Assessment沐雲2021/1/28
Simultaneous drone localisation and wind turbine model fitting during autonomous surface inspection豐安2021/1/28
Coverage Path Planning using Path Primitive Sampling and Primitive Coverage Graph for Visual Inspection佳融2021/2/04
A RUGD Dataset for Autonomous Navigation and Visual Perception in Unstructured Outdoor Environments文嘉2021/2/04